Scandinavian Design furniture collection is a result of our Nordic design heritage with an international twist.

We continuously strive to develop stylish and attractive products in line with today’s trends and market needs.

All our designs are created both in-house or by a selection of international designers. We develop more than 100 new designs a year in our workshop.

For the majority of our customers we work on special assigned product projects for a particular place in their collection or marketing purpose.

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Since we started production in 2008 we have been focusing on upholstery, which have lead us to become a specialist in the market of Scandinavian furniture design. Today we have grown to have a collection of several hundred unique designs, both from in-house and freelance designers, ensuring that we are in the front of the market when it comes to the newest trends.


Because we have our own in-house designers we can provide our customers with unique furniture solutions tailored specifically for your market. We will also work with your design team advising about construction and design to deliver the best possible final product.

Our designers



  • Christian Rudolph

    Christian is a self-taught designer and his design style is more masculine. He gets his inspiration from his many annual trips to both America and Asia, and has a weakness for retro sofas.

  • Cathrine Rudolph

    Cathrine has a background in textile design, and has a particularly good eye for spotting the latest trends in shapes, furniture design and materials. Cathrine also has a penchant for the light, feminine look.

  • Mathias Mouritsen

    Mathias is a design graduate who felt the lure of furniture design early on. His approach to design is simple and minimalist, and is inspirited by the Nordic traditions and craftsmanship.

  • Asger Trøst

    Asger Trøst has a background as a Technical Designer and a Bachelor degree in Furniture design. He is an enthusiastic designer with a passion for construction, “form follows function.” His designs are inspired by Scandinavian classic design but with a tendency towards a more playful look.

  • Katrine Bjørn

    Katrine has a background as furniture designer and visual merchandiser. She has a passion for designs that connect the furniture and surroundings around it, which creates a harmonious and personal space, with an authentic atmosphere. She is inspired by Scandinavian, classic and minimalistic design.

  • Nikoline Hølund

    Nikoline has a background as a traditional upholsterer, and has experience working with both new modern designs and the famous classics. Her designs are based on craftsmanship, aesthetics and functionality with a attention to detail and materials. The style is Danish and modern with clean lines and a touch of the past.

  • Bertil Stam

    Bertil graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture 2002, and is now an accomplished designer with extensive international experience. His design style is Scandinavian and minimalistic, with a twist of classic retro. He is passionate and enthusiastic about furniture design.

  • Malene Lillelund

    Malene loves all parts of the creative process, from original idea to finished product. Her design style is simple and Danish, combined with todays fashion and interior trends. When working with furniture, her focus is on craftmanship, materials, colors and details.

  • Rikke Frost

    Rikke is an industrial designer. Her style is new Nordic with an edge, and the designs are are made to be both seen and felt. The shapes are recognizable and simple, with a focus towards color, details and surprising features and textures. She has a good eye for trends and cherish to play with different materials.

  • Says Who

    Says Who is a young fast-growing design duo from Aarhus Nikolaj and Kasper are the two people behind the name. They are passionate about Scandinavian design – its simplicity, minimalism and functionalism.

  • Oooja

    Oooja is a creative design studio consisting of architect Jeppe Olesen and designer Anders Gordon. Two dfferent approaches to design come together in an honest result, with a Nordic touch and a bit of both their worlds. Oooja finds inspiration from fragments of design, shapes, materials, feelings and functions, and combine these into simple, useful and beautiful design.

  • Emil Thorup

    Emil is an autodidactic designer and has since childhood shown great passion for aesthetics and design. He has sketched hotel lobbies and restaurants, developed furniture and has since 2012 been affiliated with the Danish owned, award winning practice LW Design, with o ces in Hong Kong and Dubai.